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Trivia Tuesday In The Backlot Taproom!
to Dec 24

Trivia Tuesday In The Backlot Taproom!

Who's ready for some trivia? We are! Our multi-round, movie-themed Trivia Night takes place every Tuesday, and we have drink specials extended for the entire evening!

Teams may have a maximum of six participants. Now come show us what you know!

Round 1. General Movie Trivia

Round 2: Guess that Movie (We provide the year of the movie release, as well as three actors from that movie.)

Round 3: Movie Music (excerpts from movie scores, Oscar-winning best songs, trivia about the famous music in movies, actors who were once, or later became, musicians)

Round 4: Revolving Theme (To be announced each week here and on our Facebook posts. Those who read the weekly theme have an edge here!)

Round 5. General Trivia DOUBLE POINT ROUND (because who doesn't love a good underdog story?)


MAY 7: Movies That Take Place in One Day

MAY 14: Musicals

MAY 21: Movies with Numbers in the Title

MAY 28: Road Trip/Vacation Movies

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